Clyde and Marilyn Gurosik were born and raised in the small northern Pennsylvania town of Kersey. They have spent over 47 years of marriage working and building their business.

 Clyde, a PSU mechanical engineering graduate, now retired, transitioned from Savannah River Site, Thermonuclear Weapons Components Management, to full time farming.

His first memory was watching his parents, from a play pen, as they worked their Pennsylvania strawberry farm.

Clyde attributes his passion for land preservation and strawberries to his deceased parents, who established strong values and principles.

Marilyn, an Indiana University of Pennsylvania graduate in music, taught school in Altoona, PA, Chattanooga,TN, and in Edgefield county schools. She discontinued teaching years ago to manage the expanding farm marketing operations.

As long as their in-laws’ health permitted, they spent each spring providing much appreciated help at the farm and are respectfully remembered by many.

At the approximately 100 acre farm on both sides of Briggs Road in Edgefield County, Merriwether area, the owners apply over 69 years of experience to grow the best strawberries, blackberries, produce and flowers. 

 The farm, which was heavily forested 37 years ago, was purchased specifically for strawberry production after intensive soil and water research. A monumental effort and investment was made to clear forests, prepare land, construct irrigation ponds and seven separate pumping stations.

Fields are at different elevations, orientations and wind exposure to alter the start, peak and end of the season. Disciplined water and nutrient management programs are followed to maximize sugar content, flavor and quality

The business grew from one small U-Pick field in 1981 to a commercial retail and wholesale business with seven large strawberry fields, hybrid blackberries, flowers, asparagus as well as processed products, fresh produce (tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, beans, peas, spinach, onions), delicious fruit breads and fritters, gifts, custom gift baskets, local honey.

  The business sponsors church strawberry festivals in North Augusta, Our Lady of Peace parish, and contributes thousands of gallons of fruit to other charities as a tithe to God, who provides the Berry Abundance.

From our farm directly to our store – Gurosik’s Strawberries