Roadside Markets


We seek God’s guidance on our journey to service. We produce strawberries with a passion for quality, flavor, freshness, nutrition and food safety.

Enjoy friendly courteous service, easy access and egress, and flavorful top quality, farm fresh fruit, produce and products. If you are pressed for time and can’t come to the farm, please visit one of our many convenient Roadside Markets.

Aiken Bypass Market

Aiken Bypass Market

Karen and Arturo at Aiken

” NEW for 2022 Improved access/egress/professional market located on the bypass @ 1310 East Pine Log Road at Aiken Senior Life, formally , known as (Boots, Bridles and Britches)


Located at the corner of Riverwatch Parkway and Baston Road    

Gary and Hedi managers at River Watch

I-20 Outlet: Wacky Wayne’s Fireworks

Visible from I-20 SC exit #1. Take the first road on the right (approximately 100 yards) south of I-20. Then drive 300 yards to the parking lot. Less than  1 minute from I-20.  

Ken at Wacky Wayne’s S.C. Exit #1

Fury’s Ferry

Located at the corner of Fury’s Ferry Rd and Mulliken Rd

Cathy at Fury’s Ferry