U-Pick Strawberries, Hybrid Blackberries and Flowers

We seek God’s guidance on our journey to service. We produce strawberries with a passion for quality, flavor, freshness, nutrition and food safety.

 Experience Pristine Rural America

 Escape the hustle and bustle of the city supermarkets and superhighways. Discover a feast for your senses in this peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. Pick your own sweet juicy strawberries, hybrid blackberries and gorgeous flowers. Stroll alone or with family and camera through a field of beautiful fragrant flowers.

 Delight in fragrances of honeysuckle, pine, strawberries, blackberries and flowers. Relax; enjoy country breezes, panoramic views and pleasurable sounds of cooing doves, plaintive whippoorwills, whirring hummingbirds, honking geese and the gobbles and clucks of wild turkeys.

 Sample fresh delicacies from the farm’s bounty. Retreat, give thanks to God, who creates it all and charges us with stewardship

  Very Important!

Once berries are picked, they can spoil quickly if not refrigerated, so please move picked berries to a cool, shaded location, and refrigerate as soon as possible

Advantages of U-Pick

 Enjoy nature with healthy plants, clean, weed-free fields and plentiful sweet vine ripened fruits.

Well-managed picking assures that your row was picked properly previously and has not been picked over since that normal rotation/flagging.

Containers are provided – you save $1.50/gallon vs. pre-picked

 What to Expect 

 Field managers will direct you to a specific location to provide you with the best possible picking.

Once you have reached your picking area, you will be instructed in picking technique, marker flags and checkout procedures.

Please place personal belongings and keys where they will not get lost while picking.


All children are welcome to the farm, farm market and flower garden.

Children will be permitted in the strawberry fields when under close, direct, adult/parental supervision.


Larger groups not under direct parental supervision require a prearranged reservation.

Important Changes 

Due to abuses of our U-Pick policy, we have been forced to make the following changes:

 No more than 2 pickers per bucket will be allowed in the field. The only exception to this is for 2 children per adult picker.

  Please be fair to the farmer and pay for your berries before you eat them. We encourage pickers to sample some berries, but our fields are not a buffet.

  We do not allow over-filling of the bucket. We allow a generously rounded bucket, but any bucket weighing more than 5.25 pounds will be charged an extra $3.00 per pound

We regret that we have been forced to make these changes, but we want to ensure an equitable sharing of our farm’s bounty.

 God creates the bounty and charges all of us with a responsibility for proper stewardship of that bounty


Faye at meet and greet.