Farm Market

We seek God’s guidance on our journey to service. We produce strawberries with a passion for quality, flavor, freshness, nutrition and food safety.

Our modern Farm Market with clean restrooms and ample parking offers pre-picked berries, a full variety of fresh produce, many professionally processed products from our bounty, a full range of beautiful hanging flower baskets, fresh cut flowers, hybrid blackberries, blueberries, peaches, local honey,  delicious fruit bread and fritters. We also offer several convenient satellite locations.

More Than Just Berries
  •  Fresh Strawberries
  •  Fresh Peaches
  • Blackberries
  • Pick-your-own Flowers
  • Strawbunions
    ( our own sweet onions)
  • Lettuce & Spinach  
  • Fresh hand-snapped asparagus 
  • Full line of fresh produce, Heirloom tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and pickles. 
  • Gurosik’s Berry Plantation Strawberry products professionally processed from our own bounty
  • Local Honey 
  • Frozen slushies 
  • Delicious Fruit Bread and Fritters 
  • Beautiful hanging flower baskets, ferns and hibiscus.
    The opportunity to experience pristine rural America (see U-Pick Strawberries and Flowers).

Our Farm Market design provides you with the freshest produce and best possible quality products, with absolute minimal handling in a modern comfortable environment. Ample parking provided.

From our crew to you, pre-picked berries are brought fresh from the field through a large rollup door and a large pallet door to the walk-in cooler. They are then stocked to the shelves of the glass door cooler.

 Select your product while standing in a neat, clean, naturally illuminated, air conditioned building with multiple modern restrooms.

  Berries have been handled twice, versus 8-10 times for most supermarket products, and they are 1000 to 3000 miles fresher, and that’s the “Farm Fresh” difference.

A true South Carolina grown Clemson farm lady at the market.
Sharon at the farm market.
Diane at the main market.
Cathy at the main market.
Marilyn boss lady.